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VR Goggles


culture of doing good things and being rewarded for it


every day, billions of people unite to fight against virtual villains.

2B people worldwide play video games. Yet there’s a real villain which we don't pay much attention to.

Завод по переработке отходов


plastic is the villain with thousand faces.

plastics don’t break down, they break up, becoming a permanent pollutant in our environment.

people generate 2B tons of waste per year.

400M is plastic.

only 9% of this amount is recycled.

so we asked ourselves, why don’t we merge those two worlds?

it's that simple! 

users open the app and record the video of how they put bottles in recycling BINs and receive rewards as internal gems for each plastic bottle that can be used then in games, bonuses from our partners and other products of the ecosystem

Снимок экрана 2023-02-01 в 17.14.53.png
mvp user experience

why easy/verse?

we don’t force people to be responsible, we enhance this process with meaning and transform it into a pleasant experience.

Утилизация в классе

people behind the narrative

Планета, сделанная из пластика
our mission

motivate people around the world to make the very first step to start to recycle with fun

our goals

together, we plan to achieve at least 7 UN goals and make the world a better place

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your opinion is important for us like never before

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